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The Ultimate Guide to Help Your Social Media Marketing

March 08, 20232 min read

Marketing on Social Media is the most personal way a brand can connect with its target consumer. Having this ability is an essential part of a brand-consumer relationship as, in this day and age, the average amount of time spent on social media is higher than ever at 147 minutes1. Being able to reach your target audience during a time when they are in a relaxed and influenceable mindset can help or hinder your brand.

Understanding Which Social Media to Use

It’s no secret that different social media platforms have different demographics. It would be a waste of time and money to invest in a platform your target audience isn’t active on. For example, a brand selling make-up targeted towards young women shouldn’t heavily invest in organic or paid posts on LinkedIn and would garner better results from Instagram or Facebook. Make sure to do your research on which social media is best for your business. Using a guide (like this one) can be helpful.

Understanding When to Post

Knowing what time of day or how often to post can have a big impact on your results. Many things impact the number of impressions, reach, and interaction you can get on a post such as algorithms, people’s schedules, and the relevance of content. Our guide (link here) can help you plan for times to post.

Keep in mind the big-picture schedule as well. Flooding people’s timelines can sometimes be more hurtful than helpful. There are 3 main strategies for long-term posting:

1: Continuous - The same number of posts/spend every week

2: Flighting - Posting frequently some weeks and taking others off completely

3: Pulsing - Never taking some off but varying the number of posts week-to-week

Deciding which strategy to use depends on your product and your goals. Here is a helpful chart for you to decide which strategy works best for your business. 

Social Media Strategy Posting Chart

If you’re having trouble understanding the chart above, here’s a quick example to help. Suppose you sell a routine product such as toothpaste. The chart says to use a continuous strategy. Although, there are some cases in which you may want to use a different strategy. Such as your toothpaste brand has recently had production issues and the attitudes surrounding your products have changed. In order to change them back, your routine product should use a pulsing strategy because of the combination of objectives. 

Have a Mastermind Help with Your Social Media Strategy

Our team are masterminds of social media strategy and can help your brand grow. If you’re interested in working together or learning more about increasing your brand awareness, contact us here!

1: “How Much Time Does the Average Person Spend on Social Media? (2012–2022).” 2022. Oberlo.

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