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Social Media: 2022 Statistics to Help Boost Your Posts

March 01, 20233 min read

Social media is ever-changing but ever-present. It gives marketers the best opportunity to connect with audiences in the most targeted and cost-effective way. That is if you know how to do it correctly. The first step in bettering your social media presence is to understand past trends so you can start working on leveraging your brand where your consumer is. In order to help with that, we’ve compiled a list of helpful statistics gathered from the past year to identify which social media platform(s) may be best for you. 


  • +4.74 billion people worldwide use social media

    • That’s over 75% of the world's population 13 years or older

  • 76% of North Americans are on social media

  • 2 hours and 28 minutes per day are spent on social media worldwide

    • U.S. averages 2 hours and 11 minutes per day

  • 55-64 year-old men use social media the least

  • 16-24 year-old women use social media the most


  • 2.93 billion active users monthly

    • This is 36.7% of the world's population!

    • The most-used social media platform

  • 67% of users do so daily

  • Of those users:

    • 56.6% are male

    • 43.4% are women

    • ~ 20% are 25-34 year old men

    • 25-34 year old people use Facebook the most

  • Average U.S. user spends 33 minutes a day on the site 


  • Over 1 billion active users monthly

    • The 4th most popular social media platform 

  • 56% of users do so daily

  • Of those users:

    • 50.7% are male

    • 49.3% are women

    • 25-34 year old people use Instagram the most

  • 90% of users follow a business and 62.3% use Instagram to research brands/products


  • 755 million active users monthly

    • The 6th most-used social media

  • Of American adults, 21% use TikTok

    • > 50% of 18-29 year old's use TikTok

    • 41.6% are 12-24

    • 61% are female

  • Average U.S. user spends 46 minutes per day on the site


  • 238 million active users monthly

    • The 7th most-used social media

  • More likely to be Democratic than Republican

  • 23% of U.S. adults use Twitter

    • 38.5% are 25-34 years old

    • 56.4% are male

    • 43.6% are female

    • 33% of users have a college degree

  • Average amount of time on Twitter is 31 minutes a day


  • +875 million active users monthly

    • >77% of users are from outside of the U.S.

  • 28% of U.S. adults use LinkedIn

    • 57.2% are male

    • 42.8% are female

    • ~ 60% of users are 25-34 years old

  • Pages posting weekly have 5.6x more followers

The above list is organized in order of most users to the least. Therefore, you can see that the most used social media platform is Facebook while the least is LinkedIn. Using this list can help you identify which social media platform is the best suited for your optimization based on who your target consumers are to help promote yourself and products, gain a following, increase sales, and strength consumer-brand relationships. 

If you’re interested in working together or learning more about increasing your brand awareness, contact us here!

*Statistics courtesy of Beveridge, C., & Lauron, S. (2023, January 26). 160+ Social Media Statistics Marketers Need in 2023. Hootsuite Blog. Retrieved March 8, 2023, from

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