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How To Become A Celebrity Advisor

May 10, 20232 min read

Don’t think you need digital marketing? Think again.

It doesn’t matter what marketing channels you use; without the right strategy, it won’t work well.

So, what is the best digital marketing strategy for financial advisors?

Our Turnkey System works so well because the digital marketing strategy is based on getting quality leads and appointments. Sure, quantity helps. But quality is better than quantity.

Think about it, would you rather speak to 50 people and convert 5? Or would you rather talk to 10 people and convert 5?

Most advisors are already busy, so they don’t want to waste time speaking to people who will not be a good fit, and this is why quality beats quantity every time.

With the right system, support and meeting process you will grow and hit your ROI goals without wasting time or money.

When you are shown as THE advisor to meet, it is a lot easier to close business.  I do this for my own financial planning firm.

Here is how you do it (9 or so easy steps):

Step 1:  Create a Facebook Business Page and Ad account

Step 2:  Create a pixel and cookies to track where your visitors are going (and to be able to create what we call an invisible list)

Step 3:  Create Facebook Ads that convert.  (you can see ads that convert by going HERE)

Step 4:  Get people to your webinar and seminar (you can see a glimpse on how we do that by going HERE (different landing page than above))

Step 5:  Create content that is educational in nature (articles, guides, podcast, etc.)

Step 6:  Push your content in front of your "invisible list" 

Step 7:  Push your content in your known list (plus, you can upload the list into Facebook to specifically target them)

Step 8:  Keep retargeting that list with ads

Step 9:  Send emails to the existing list with new emails every other day.

The Celebrity Advisor Effect is powerful.  It makes having conversations easy, and gaining new clients easy as well.

Most advisors aren't doing this because of two reasons...

They are stuck in their old ways or a monthly email and regular mail and seminars (yawn)


Everything you see above can be a lot of work, time, and knowledge and you get frustrated when you actually start to try to build all this.  You need a team.  Not just any team, but a team already doing this.

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