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AI Marketing: Pros & Cons

March 15, 20233 min read

With the rising popularity of artificial intelligence websites such as ChatGPT and Jasper, it’s easy to depend on them for different marketing tasks like blog writing, posts, customer service, and more. While this can be a helpful tool we should also consider the possible cons of using AI-generated content. 


  • Time and Money Saving

The first and most obvious pro is the cost and time-saving. The ability to type a few words or ideas into a website and have multiple blog posts or other forms of content generated within minutes saves a significant amount of time without a large monthly bill. This time in turn can be used on other money-earning activities.

  • More Personalized Content

Another huge benefit of AI content-generating sites is the ability to tailor to specific interests a marketer may not have much knowledge of. Take for example a company that sells hand cleansing wipes. They notice that a large section of their target demographic is interested in golf. While this product has no direct influence or purpose for golf, creating content directed towards people who play can increase their consumer base and customer retention rate.

  • Ease of Use

Every AI website I have used is incredibly easy to navigate and quickly get questions answered, content, images, or more. This makes it so a powerful tool is available to anyone who has access to a computer. Art, writing, and more will likely become more prevalent in society since anyone can create from as little as an idea.


  • Irrelevant Content

While most of the time the AI websites generate good content to use, the outputs have to be relatively broad to ensure accuracy. Jasper’s most recent data used to generate content is two years old. For example, when trying to generate eye-catching titles, Jasper suggested “Be the best advisor in 2021” which is, frankly, a little too late now. 

  • Lack of Human Emotion

When it comes down to it, no matter how natural it sounds, AI websites are still robots. They lack the warmth and emotion that human writing can capture. Despite having a section to input what tone you would like it to output, most generated content sounds the same. It can sound robotic or cold which is likely not what the user is looking for.

  • Little Creativity

The inner workings of AI websites is just a machine learning model. This means that it comes up with it’s responses from past patterns and data. Therefore, it is unable to be creative, think outside the box, or come up with new ideas. While this may not be an issue in every situation it is something that needs to be considered, especially if you want to use AI for customer services applications.

This limit list should serve as a reminder that while new tools come along that can help with marketing, there is yet to be a perfect one to depend on. This should also offer some comfort especially to those of us who are weary of all AI is capable of and what it means for our careers. I think its safe to say that we may have a new robot assistant but our jobs are still ours for the foreseeable future.

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